5 Safety Tips You Must Know

The most important thing for drivers all over the world is safety. After all, no one wants to be involved in a car accident or be in a dangerous situation on the road. But how can you make your daily drive or road trip safer? Don't worry because we have an answer to the question, or to be exact, five answers. Continue reading to find out more.

#1 Proper Driving Posture

Driving with proper posture doesn't only save you from back pain. Driving with improper seat placement can cause you to have visibility issues or even pose a threat to the vehicle's handling. Your elbows should be fully extended or bent while grabbing the steering wheel. Also, make sure you have enough room to move your head and body around to check blindspots and look freely around.

#2 Don't Drive With A Flashing Check Engine Light

While driving with a solid check engine light is not recommended, driving with a flashing check engine light is a different story. It starts to flash if something very serious has happened to the engine or other important system. What will happen if you drive in regardless? Parts in your engine or transmission can break, the brake system can fail, and a lot of other things can go wrong.

#3 Phones Are A Big No-No

Everyone knows that texting and driving are extremely dangerous, but they keep on doing it. Even one second spent looking at your phone can result in fatal incidents or, at the bare minimum, pose a threat to your safety. If there is something that needs your attention while driving, resort to calls from the car's infotainment system. It's much better, but it's still not recommended.

#4 Don't Drive The Car If You See Spilled Fluids

Is your driveway full of oil and liquid stains? If so, make sure to visit a repair shop ASAP. Continuing to drive with fluid leaks can cause problems like overheating, friction welding inside the engine, and many more. Don't risk it; instead, trust a mechanic to solve the problem.

#5 Make Sure Your Lights Are Working

Headlights, hazards, blinkers, fog lights, and whatever other lighting sources you have in your car should be working no matter what. Driving on the road with malfunctioning lights is very dangerous for you and other drivers. For example, if you make a turn at night without a blinker, other drivers won't know what you are doing and can collide with you. Make sure to check your exterior lights at least once a week to catch malfunctions before they cause problems.

Maintenance is also a big part of vehicle safety. Keeping everything working properly will ensure you won't be stranded or surprised on the road. Dalton Automotive offers a variety of services to keep you safe on the road. Make sure to visit our shop or call (770) 790-4990 for an appointment.

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