Lift or not

To lift or not to lift...Ok, you have a shinney new whatever vehicle that has the potential to go up! Should you lift it to the moon? Maybe level it out? Just leave it alone? Let's start with a few basic questions I think you should be asking yourself. Can you afford to do it? I mean sure you can afford a leveling kit for $99 but can you afford the alignment and the install. Are you going to save some bucks and you, a buddy, and a 12 pack of suds going to get it done on a Saturday afternoon and hope he knows what he’s doing? Don’t forget what goes up needs to go wide. You must compensate for raising the center of gravity by making the footprint wider. Imagine you are climbing up on stilts. You got to widen that stance to stay up. Are you going to be towing? Throw a backpack of bricks on while you're on the stilts, how does that feel? Well, that’s what it's going to do when you hook that camper up with it full of fishing gear, beer and food when you load up ... read more



What is an alignment? Merriam-Webster says, “the proper positioning or state of adjustment of parts in relation to each other”. In the automotive world, proper position is what we are talking about. The main points we are going to explain is camber, caster, and toe. There are other points to consider such as total toe, steering angle, and included angle but for our purposes that isn't necessary. We are also going to try and help you understand what to look for as possible signs you need an alignment. So, let's try to use your legs and feet to try and understand camber, caster, and toe. Imagine you are standing on a hardwood floor in some socks. If you twist on your heels pointing both feet outward away from each other that is toed out, if your feet are straight ahead that is neutral toe, and turned in pointed at each other toed in.  Now bow your knees outward, that would be positive camber, bowed inward would-be negative camber, and yep you guessed it, straigh ... read more

What Does the Power Steering Warning Light Mean?

What Does the Power Steering Warning Light Mean?

There are many different types of warning lights that can show up on your dashboard, and one of them is the power steering warning light. This light is particularly illustrated with a steering wheel shape, and it indicates that something is wrong with your car's power steering.  Power Steering Basics All cars from the last couple of decades are built with power steering. Manual steering takes a lot of effort, and the implementation of power steering relieves the stress that it would take to turn or steer your car. Power steering systems could be either hydraulic or electric, with electric becoming more common nowadays. If there's an issue with the collection of parts related to power steering, you could be in grave danger. Power Steering Warning Light Causes Hydraulic Systems - For vehicles with hydraulic power steering, the warning light is most likely warning you that you're low on power steering fluid. Feel free to bring your car to Dalton Automotive, so our tec ... read more


We are now an official Rhino Linings spray in bedliner installer.  Multiple applications past the classic bedliner.  Call us for more information!  


We have added Ms. Pac-Man and a pinball machine to our lobby.  The games will rotate through over time.  Come check it out!  

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