Fun Facts & Best Practices for Car A/C

Thanks to modern technology, you can cool off in your car on a hot summer day in a matter of seconds. With the push of the A/C button, cool air will burst through your car vents. To keep your car A/C running at its prime, there are a few things you should know about your vehicle’s air conditioning system.

  1. Max Is Not Always the Best Solution - If you’re impatiant for your A/C to blast, you may be tempted to crank up the air conditioning to max right away. However, the Max A/Z button recirculates the air inside your car and is best used when the cabin is at a cooler temperature. We recommend waiting for the cabin to be cool before using the recirculating setting.
  2. A/C Is More Than Cool - What we mean by this is that the A/C system has other roles than just cooling you and other passengers off. It also dries the air inside your car. It keeps the moisture down and clears off the windshield and windows for optimal visibility.
  3. A/C Smell - If you notice an off-putting smell coming from your vents, it is most likely built-up bacteria and mold sitting in the system. To prevent this from happening, we recommend removing debris from the air intake and using aerosol vent cleaners. Furthermore, don’t forget to replace your cabin air filter. 
  4. A/C Can Be More Efficient Than Rolling Down Windows - Modern vehicles are engineered to be more efficient than ever. Running your A/C doesn’t have to eat up your gas. Plus, rolling down your windows can create drag, which will worsen your fuel mileage. 

Fortunately, all cars have strong and powerful air conditioning systems nowadays. If you want your A/C system to continue delivering comfortable and clean air, please bring your car to Dalton Automotive for proper maintenance.

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