How to Transport A Christmas Tree to Your Home (Safely)

Is it the holiday season already? We can not believe how fast this year has flown by. We understand you may want to participate in many festivities, including bringing an old-fashioned, real Christmas tree home. Nothing beats the fresh scent and look of a real tree. Before you can get to decorating, you’re probably wondering how to get it home first. 

Here is every step and everything you need to know in regards to securing a tree onto your vehicle and bringing it home:

  1. Measure the tree - First off, measure the area in which you want to put the tree. You don’t want one that is too tall or wide for your space. Then bring a measuring tape with you to the tree farm, and see which height is the right fit.
  2. Use a blanket, tarp, or other large covering - Once you pick the perfect tree, you have to pack it up of course neatly. Don’t forget to wear gloves. Most tree farms offer netting services, which is a secure way of bundling it up without damaging it. After it has been netted, you will want to wrap it up with another layer to prevent scratches on the roof of your car.
  3. Position the tree with the trunk facing the front of your vehicle - It is basic aerodynamics. The tree's base should be pointing forward so that the branches are moving in their natural direction.
  4. Secure the tree with rope - Make sure it is super secure and tightly fastened. Otherwise, you may send the tree flying off your vehicle. Use different knots for extra security. 
  5. Drive slowly - There’s no need for speed when you have a huge Christmas tree in your car. Take it easy and go under the speed limit if necessary. Other drivers will notice and understand why you may need to slow down.

We hope you have the happiest of holidays with the team at Dalton Automotive. If you wish to take care of your seasonal maintenance, please bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop soon. 

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