Oil change intervals and the need for you to do them more often

Ok let’s set the base ground of the fact I am not a scientist, a chemist, engineer, or all that smart. But what I am is a guy with a lot of experience and see a lot of stupid mistakes made by manufacturers, and other powers that be. Relying on a manufacturer to tell you that it’s time to change your oil at 7500 miles, 10000 miles, 15000 miles is about as ignorant as it gets. Especially when the weight of oil keeps going down. Essentially most of these new oils are slightly thicker then baby oil. That is NOT going to protect a combustion engine that runs at 220 degrees Fahrenheit for that long. It breaks down. The filter breaks down. The filter clogs from the wear of all the metal parts that are not getting sufficient protection. This goes with any mechanical oil including transmission fluids, and power steering fluids but I will save those for another day.

They are thinning oils out to improve fuel economy. Less resistance on the pressurized oil system means its easier for your engine to run therefore making it more efficient. The efficiency gained is so marginal you wouldn’t even notice it. What is increasing is the wear and tear on your engine. It effects the engines’ ability to transfer heat and dissipate it. It also is not heavy enough to prevent the metal from grinding into itself. So, you ask well Willie what about all these special oils that say I don’t have to change my oil but every 50k miles or whatever outlandish claim. Then they expect you to pull a sample from your engine oil and send it off for analysis and some secret oil lab for them to tell you if it has dirt and/or metal in it and then let you know a couple weeks later if you should change it. Let me help you make this easy. Stop drinking the cool aid. Change your oil and filter at least every 5k miles if on full synthetic which if you’re not, let me help you again. Stop being a cheap asshole it’s a $20 difference generally and can save you thousands later.

Okay for all you people looking for something new to bitch about at your kid’s next practice. Why would it benefit an automotive manufacturer to extend oil change intervals to lower your costs of maintenance? Well, its pretty cut and dry, If they can keep you in your vehicle past warranty without incident it does wonders for their ratings through bullshit standards. Then when your engine takes a shit right outside of warranty its not their problem and you will most likely have it at the dealer because most of you haven’t figured out that you have a right to repair and maintain anywhere you choose. Then a slimy reject from society will call you and offer you an amazing deal on a new car!?!? How they are gonna take care of you because of this unfortunate RARE incident and get you in a new car. If you are asking, why is this cat getting more aggravated sounding? Well, it’s because IT BLOWS MY MIND how when people ask a question they don’t listen to the answer. Its pretty simple. Service your vehicle just like you did before there was a stupid ass little light telling you otherwise. Or be a lemming and run off the cliff!!

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