Servicing all the fluids

Servicing all the fluids on your vehicle is important. You change oil more frequently due to heat and carbon build up in the oil as well as the limitations of a filtration system. Because transmissions, differentials, transfer cases, and power steering pumps do not produce carbon from combustion they all generate extreme heat and microscopic fragments that cause wear. Servicing the fluids in the high RPM delicately meshed systems is affordable from a maintenance standpoint and can save you lots of money from a replacement standpoint. Not to mention all the combined resistance of poor viscosity and additional friction can worsen fuel economy and general performance could be lacking due to the increased wear. Transmission service varies greatly but a lot can be serviced for less than $200.00 others can be considerably more but far less than a $4000.00 plus cost of a transmission. Most of the others can be serviced for around $100.00 depending on fluid with a few exceptions. Don’t buy into forever services or lifetime fluid that is a lie. That’s a way for manufacturers to get you to buy a new vehicle. If you have questions about how you can extend the life and performance of your vehicle, please give us a call or stop by Dalton Automotive. 770-427-0996 or 1225 Hayes Industrial Dr Marietta Ga 30062

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