Shocking information!

Why should you replace your shocks? There are lots of reasons to replace them when needed. Shocks become soft and lose their ability to keep your vehicle balanced. When they lose their function, they keep your vehicle from braking effectively. They also cause your vehicle to lose acceleration, worn out shocks make your vehicle unsafe to drive and they make it uncomfortable. Shock manufacturers recommend having your shocks and struts inspected every 50,000 miles or 80,000 km.

Visual inspection of shocks may not indicate the need for replacement. Sometimes they will visually show signs of needing replacement, like oil leaking out of the shock or obvious bushing wear but most of the time there is no obvious sign. Monroe Shocks and Struts, a manufacturer of shocks and struts, states that “Typical shocks and struts ‘stroke’ an average of 1,750 times per mile- that’s 21 million cycles per 12,000 miles/19,300 kilometers.” That compounded but rough road conditions, and normal braking and acceleration will cause wear on even the sturdiest of components. The wear on shocks and struts is so gradual that you may not notice it at all. Things that may be more noticeable are fuel economy diminishing, brakes wearing out faster or pulsating due to extreme use caused by worn components, or an uncomfortable ride that was very comfortable. Keep in mind that shocks and struts keep your vehicle balanced and if they are worn it can cause the vehicle to become dangerous. It can also cause tire wear and poor wheel alignment.

How do shocks and struts change the way your vehicle brakes? Shocks and struts lower the weight transfer during braking keeping tires in a better position for effective traction, therefore reducing the amount of force needed to stop your vehicle, shortening the distance needed to stop, and extending the life of your brakes and other components like control arm bushing and ball joints. Like braking, it also helps steering. By keeping the vehicle balanced it improves handling which in turn improves stability makes the vehicle safer to drive. It also reduces wear and tear on steering components like, steering gear and rack and pinion, inner and outer tire rod ends, and reduces stresses on the hydraulic power steering system. If your vehicle has over 50,000 miles/80,000km please come by Dalton Automotive and let us inspect your suspension. You may not need anything, but if you do it can save you down the road by ensuring that your vehicle is performing at the peak of its abilities. Call 770-427-0996 or stop 1225 Hayes Industrial Dr Marietta Ga 30062 and talk to us about your vehicle.

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