Should you drop it like its hot? To lower or not to lower that is the question.

So, you’ve decided to, “drop it like its hot”. What next? Lowering your car can be done on just about any vehicle. You know this already because the barista at your local caffeine dealer, drives the same civic and he told you all about how easy it is. What that dipshit isn’t telling you is that it has horrible tire wear, it rides like a lawn mower, and people in the know are questioning his judgement. To lower a car, it is not as simple as changing a set of factory springs to lowered. When you lower a car, you change ALL the angles of the suspension. There is a lot of science that goes into suspension. You can change corner weight which can change handling and ride. Also think about things like; Do you often load it down with luggage, a bike and bike rack, kids etc. this can greatly change how the vehicle will drive lowered. That doesn’t mean you can’t you just may need to compensate for weight changes. Also don’t think that I am bashing a lowered car; nobody likes to tuck a wheel nicely more than this guy.

It varies so greatly vehicle to vehicle that I am not going to start telling you what you do and don’t need to do. I will tell you if you want it done correctly it does matter what you buy. Yes, you can get springs and drop your ride. What does it do to suspension angles? You will need to add control arms front and rear most likely to compensate for the drop. Sometimes spindles or camber plates. You may have to consider drive line angles depending on your drop. DO NOT trust the moron that has a car like yours because he has the “stance” you want to guide you through the process. Get the right info, come by or call Dalton Automotive 1225 Hayes Industrial Dr Marietta Ga 30062 770-427-0996.

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