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Rising costs

It is unfortunate that the rate of inflation feels insurmountable. It is going to level out eventually. We can’t stop the inflation train and we all must bear it. We try to keep our rates fair, but like most businesses we are in the business to make money. We also understand, as I am sure most of you do, price is a direct reflection of value. The cost is worthy if the value can be seen. Value doesn’t mean inexpensive. It means getting what you pay for, knowing that who you pay will stand behind what they offer, and that they will explain it clearly and concisely as needed for you to feel comfortable handing over your money. We appreciate all our customers and want them to feel comfortable with us. We are all in it together and understanding that there is a constant rise in costs for everyone we try to buffer best we can. We must charge with a reflection of our costs such as the expense of keeping quality employees that will follow our high standards is more expensive becau ... read more

Motor mounts

Motor mounts, transmission mounts, torque rods, and bushings are something that people often don’t notice them failing because they gradually get worse over time. What does this mean to you? A lot. I have had people say, “my boyfriend says its more of just a comfort thing”. Well, he is partially correct. But he is more wrong then correct. While it is a buffer to isolate vibrations and harshness from torque in the driveline, it also keeps your driveline in alignment with other components for optimum efficiency. When you have worn mounting components, it allows the driveline to move itself, rather than transfer the energy to the drive tires and then to the ground. All that shifting around is just wasted energy. That wasted energy on starting froward motion is a huge fuel loss. Along with it being inefficient it is unsafe. When they design vehicles, they assume the driveline will have certain characteristics for a collision that aren’t there when your driveline is ... read more

Importance of moisture content and your brake fluid

Brake fluid is probably one of the most ignored fluids on your vehicle. The reason to pay attention to your brake fluid is because it takes a beating from its surroundings. It goes through extreme temperature swings from ambient temperatures to 650 degrees Fahrenheit. It is hygroscopic, which means it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. What does that mean for you? Well moisture, causes corrosion, moisture also expands when heated to and can cause excessive wear to your brake system by keeping undue pressure on the system. Also, with it being hygroscopic, in the winter when it gets below freezing it can make your brakes less responsive until the fluid heats up. Water content of brake fluid can be measured easily. The cost of a brake fluid flush is very inexpensive, and worth every penny for what it will save you in repair costs. So please feel free to stop by and let us check your brake fluid for moisture content at 1225 Hayes Industrial Dr Marietta Ga

Servicing all the fluids

Servicing all the fluids on your vehicle is important. You change oil more frequently due to heat and carbon build up in the oil as well as the limitations of a filtration system. Because transmissions, differentials, transfer cases, and power steering pumps do not produce carbon from combustion they all generate extreme heat and microscopic fragments that cause wear. Servicing the fluids in the high RPM delicately meshed systems is affordable from a maintenance standpoint and can save you lots of money from a replacement standpoint. Not to mention all the combined resistance of poor viscosity and additional friction can worsen fuel economy and general performance could be lacking due to the increased wear. Transmission service varies greatly but a lot can be serviced for less than $200.00 others can be considerably more but far less than a $4000.00 plus cost of a transmission. Most of the others can be serviced for around $100.00 depending on fluid with a few exceptions. Don’t b ... read more

Mobile mechanic?!?!?!?!

Mobile mechanic?!?!?!?!

Mobile mechanics and mobile brake specialists? How about a mobile proctologist or oncologist? Let’s just fire off a couple mobile psychotherapist while we’re at it, cause if you are expecting the attention to detail, quality of work from a mobile anything then you probably need that therapist to talk some sense into you. I wouldn’t trust the safety of everyone on the road, especially put my family in a vehicle that a mobile no accountability auto repair is going to have. Roadside assistance, I understand that. Getting you off the side of the road to a reputable shop, ok. Trusting the random, uninsured, I can run this out of my Honda civic because I don’t want to work a real job, person to come to your house or place of business is mind blowing to me. My building houses some of the most advanced tools in the business to do work properly. Can they swap some brake pads, or a belt, probably, but I can assure they cannot do the job to the level it is done in our shop ... read more

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