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Changing seasonal temperatures can have several effects on vehicle performance:

Changing seasonal temperatures can have several effects on vehicle performance: Tire Pressure: Temperature fluctuations can cause changes in tire pressure. As the weather gets colder, tire pressure tends to drop, potentially affecting fuel efficiency, handling, and tire wear. Make sure to regularly check and adjust your tire pressure to the manufacturer's recommendations. Battery Performance: Cold weather can reduce the capacity of your car's battery, making it harder to start the engine. If your battery is already weak, it's more likely to fail in cold temperatures. Regular battery checks and maintenance are crucial, especially before winter sets in. Engine Efficiency: Engines may perform differently in extreme temperatures. In cold weather, the engine may take longer to reach its optimal operating temperature, leading to reduced fuel efficiency. Conversely, extremely hot weather can strain the engine and cooling system, potentially leading to overheating if not proper ... read more

They don't make them like they use to.

They don't make them like they use to.

I am not a genius, chemical engineer, mechanical engineer, or anything worth mentioning. What I am is someone who has been in the industry a long time. Almost 30 years. What I am seeing is oils that are meant to protect your engine, transmission, transfer cases, and differential are getting thinner and thinner. In my opinion this is to improve fuel economy due to some regulations, but what it is really doing, especially in harsh metropolitan areas, is cause extreme excessive wear. Premature failure. Expensive repairs on vehicles that cost more then a decent place to live should.We are forced to pay premiums for everything, and expected to just eat it when it doesn't last. That is just a rant for today

Should you buy a new car?

Should you buy a new car?

We get asked all the time, "Should I buy a new car?". I try to be as honest and unbiased as I can. I explain to people that you can't factor wear and tear into the cost of your current vehicle. You will be paying for oil changes, tires, wipers, and brakes with or without a car payment. Yes you can go buy from certain manufacturers and your oil changes and maintenance is covered for a certain period of time, but not tires or wear items. Plus with those vehicles your are paying a premium for the vehicle. We also get asked "What would you buy?". My answer is pretty much always the same. Buy a Japanese car unless you need a truck then it goes into a slew of questions, but it will always be don't buy anything less then a 2500/250 or bigger. But with all this being said, is your current vehicle feel unsafe to you? Does it cost you $500-$1000 a month to maintain? Is it not meeting your current needs, growing family, change of job etc.? Are you just bored with it? I ... read more

Rising costs

It is unfortunate that the rate of inflation feels insurmountable. It is going to level out eventually. We can’t stop the inflation train and we all must bear it. We try to keep our rates fair, but like most businesses we are in the business to make money. We also understand, as I am sure most of you do, price is a direct reflection of value. The cost is worthy if the value can be seen. Value doesn’t mean inexpensive. It means getting what you pay for, knowing that who you pay will stand behind what they offer, and that they will explain it clearly and concisely as needed for you to feel comfortable handing over your money. We appreciate all our customers and want them to feel comfortable with us. We are all in it together and understanding that there is a constant rise in costs for everyone we try to buffer best we can. We must charge with a reflection of our costs such as the expense of keeping quality employees that will follow our high standards is more expensive becau ... read more

Motor mounts

Motor mounts, transmission mounts, torque rods, and bushings are something that people often don’t notice them failing because they gradually get worse over time. What does this mean to you? A lot. I have had people say, “my boyfriend says its more of just a comfort thing”. Well, he is partially correct. But he is more wrong then correct. While it is a buffer to isolate vibrations and harshness from torque in the driveline, it also keeps your driveline in alignment with other components for optimum efficiency. When you have worn mounting components, it allows the driveline to move itself, rather than transfer the energy to the drive tires and then to the ground. All that shifting around is just wasted energy. That wasted energy on starting froward motion is a huge fuel loss. Along with it being inefficient it is unsafe. When they design vehicles, they assume the driveline will have certain characteristics for a collision that aren’t there when your driveline is ... read more

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