What Does the Power Steering Warning Light Mean?

There are many different types of warning lights that can show up on your dashboard, and one of them is the power steering warning light. This light is particularly illustrated with a steering wheel shape, and it indicates that something is wrong with your car's power steering. 

Power Steering Basics

All cars from the last couple of decades are built with power steering. Manual steering takes a lot of effort, and the implementation of power steering relieves the stress that it would take to turn or steer your car. Power steering systems could be either hydraulic or electric, with electric becoming more common nowadays. If there's an issue with the collection of parts related to power steering, you could be in grave danger.

Power Steering Warning Light Causes

  • Hydraulic Systems - For vehicles with hydraulic power steering, the warning light is most likely warning you that you're low on power steering fluid. Feel free to bring your car to Dalton Automotive, so our technicians can check your fluid levels. We can also check for fluid leaks.
  • Electric Systems - If this light is on in a vehicle with electrical power steering, then your mechanic can diagnose the problem with a computer scan. Sometimes, glitches can happen with the electrical steering system.

Can I Still Drive With This Light On?

When this warning light comes on, the power steering system will become disabled. It won't turn on again until the light has been diagnosed, repaired, and reset. While you can drive with manual steering, it may be challenging for someone who is not used to it. Maneuvering and turning will become harder, leading to an accident. That is why we recommend avoiding driving until you get your car to the repair shop.


If you need your power steering system checked out, you can count on the experts at Dalton Automotive Inc. Our team can assist you with all your automotive needs, so please give us a call or visit.

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