When Should I Replace My Car Battery?

There is nothing worse than a dead car battery, and understanding when to change it is vital in preventing future inconveniences and challenges. A car battery requires replacement after every 3-5 years, and there are numerous requirements that you should undertake before engaging in the replacement process.

The replacement of a car battery is dependent on:

  • Variation
  • Time Variable
  • Heat Variable


Variation effect possesses physical deterioration of the life span of a car battery component. Compared to other automobiles, cars that lack hold-down hardware posit a reduced life span. Loose hold-down hardware reduces the battery life span of your automobile, bringing the need for replacement.

Time Variable

Car battery life span is limited, just as in the case of humans. No matter how well a vehicle is maintained, its battery capacity diminishes. Your car user habits have an impact on battery life and deterioration. For instance, when you pack your car for a long time without driving it, you self-discharge its battery. Also, you can experience challenges in a car battery complete charging when operating short distances. When you do not use recommended battery chargers, you might need replacement to improve your driving experience.

Heat Variable

Areas that exhibit hot temperatures like Dubai reduce car battery life span by three years. Heat speeds up the chemical reactions in a car battery. The resultant effect of heat is the unintended side effect of hastening battery degeneration. The lower the heat environment, the higher the chances of a car battery survival. The options of replacing your car battery depend on your location. This aspect has led to increased efforts by car manufacturers to locate car batteries away from the engine to prevent heat from reducing its life span.


Best Car Battery Selection

Before purchasing a car battery, you must consider its amp-hour (Ah) rating, cold cranking amps (CCA), terminal configuration, physical size, and type. Your car's electrical system is vulnerable to short-circuiting, and the battery may get severely damaged. There are higher chances that a wrong car battery installation can reduce its durability.

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